Specialist Cleaning Services

CCS can provide a high quality specialist cleaning service undertaken by our committed and motivated operational staff.

We offer a range of services from our specialist cleaning team including deep cleaning or high level kitchen cleans, window cleaning, hall floor sanding and renovation. The team also provides a full maintenance, repair and PAT testing service of all electrical cleaning equipment.

Listed below are the specialist areas of work that we can help with along with a brief description of the work that is involved.

Builders Clean-Up

Builders rarely clean up to the standards you require when they have finished their work. This service enables you to have your premises back in full operation and ready for use in the shortest possible time.

Hall Floor Refurbishment

Our team can refurbish hall and corridor floors - if wood, by sanding, relining, resealing and polishing or if vinyl, by stripping, resealing and polishing.  We also advise site caretakers on best practice for keeping the floors in the best possible condition.

Carpet Care

CCS can clean all types of carpet quickly and efficiently using hot or cold water or dry foam. Our staff have many years of experience in looking after carpets and we will be pleased to give advice on the best carpet cleaning method. On top of this we have a stain protection treatment that protects carpets from oil based spillages which may occur. Using the appropriate solutions stains and uncommon marks left on carpets can also be removed.

Carpet Deodorising

Carpets can very easily and quickly attract dirt and smells. These can lead to an unpleasant and unhygienic workplace. Our deodorising team will leave your carpets fresh, clean and welcoming.

Window Cleaning

We have the experience to undertake window cleaning tasks large or small, inside and out.

Chair Cleaning

Chairs will be disinfected using safe and effective chemicals, then steam cleaned to remove any final traces of dirt.

Chewing Gum Removal

There is nothing so unsightly as chewing gum deposits left lying around or stuck to a range of different surfaces. We will use environmentally friendly chemicals and specialist cleaning equipment to remove chewing gum from the majority of locations.

High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

We all know that first impressions make a big impact, so the appearances of outside entrances and school playground areas are vital. Our high-pressure washer equipment serves a multitude of purposes. It can clean paving and flag stones, remove paint spillages, clean pathways and renovate weathered bench seating both efficiently and cost effectively.

Fire and Flood Damage Restoration

Dealing with fire and flood damage can be both heartbreaking and difficult. CCS can make all the necessary arrangements to restore premises when this happens. We will meet with the insurance assessor and loss adjusters, confirm what is required and prioritise actions. A defogger will be installed to remove as far as possible the smell of smoke fumes in the affected buildings. We will remove all damaged furniture and clean the appropriate areas to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to the normal functioning of your business.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti on walls both inside and outside of buildings can be a nightmare. This is why we provide both the cleaning solution and offer advice on preventative measures to reduce the risk of future damage. When cleaning graffiti specialist chemicals are used, depending on the surface affected and the substances used.

Gutter Cleaning

CCS ensures that gutters are cleaned safely. We use a hoist or scaffold tower for all high-level drainage to assist in the general maintenance of your buildings. All staff are suitably trained to use this type of equipment.

Handy Person Skills

This service has increased in popularity in all types of establishments in recent years. We employ a range of competent staff that are capable of completing most routine maintenance jobs.

High Level Cleaning

Using a hoist or scaffold tower we can complete high-level cleaning tasks efficiently and effectively. This service is particularly useful for cleaning normally inaccessible or difficult areas such as sports halls with high ledges and roofs.

Kitchen Hygiene

We also offer a high level kitchen clean which includes all hard to reach surfaces such as filters, canopy hoods, pipe work, ledges and tops of refrigerators or freezers.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

CCS will complete a deep clean of all kitchen equipment on a regular basis, using recommended detergents, degreasers and sanitisers where appropriate.

PE Mats

We use an authorised sanitiser to ensure PE mats are clinically clean and so reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Playground Sweeping

This service is aimed at removing any loose surface clippings, dirt, rubbish and leaves that may have collected. Playgrounds may require this service before the start of a new term to ensure that the children's play areas are safe and free from debris.

Pottery and Woodwork Room Deep Cleaning

Many schools use this service to assist in the deep cleaning of their craft rooms. We will remove all traces of clay and wood dust, especially at high levels from pipes, ledges, shelves and walls. Then they are washed down with a suitable detergent. Wherever possible we will move workbenches to ensure a thorough clean of all surfaces and table legs. All traces of dust will be vacuumed followed by a deep water scrub and extraction to complete the process.


Should you wish us to provide you with a no obligation quote for any of the tasks above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01354 750028.