SMART Choice Activities

Step One:  Set Up a School Nutrition Action Group

A great starting point for reviewing the food environment is to set up a dedicated group to address food provision across the whole school - involving students, school caterer, lunch time supervisor, school governor and teachers. This can be facilitated by your Contract Manager if you wish.

Step Two:  Ask for Pupil Opinion

Survey pupils, parents, staff and governors to get their thoughts on school meal provision and education. We have lots of ideas on how to do this from on-line surveys to pupil to pupil video interviews. This can be facilitated by your Contract Manager.

Step Three:  Evaluate Your Dining Room

 Noisy disruptive dining room, with long queues?   Ask your Contract Manager to evaluate the dining room layout with a fresh pair of eyes to address efficiency of layout and noise levels. Making simple improvements can have a very positive impact.

Step Four:  Arrange Lunch Time Supervisor Training

Consider a lunchtime charter to address behaviour in the dining hall.  Allowing Lunchtime Supervisors to interact with the children, to encourage good manners, help make healthy choices and improve knife and fork skills. Contact your Contract Manager for more information.

Step Five:  Book Your 'Healthy Me' Assembly

A fun 15 minute assembly to discuss what being healthy means, followed up by interactive worksheets to encourage healthy behaviours beyond the assembly and the school gates.  If you have a SLA with us, these assemblies are free as part of your contract.   If you don’t have a contract with us but would be interested in having an assembly please call to discuss. Available for booking directly on Booking Bug.

Step Six:  Arrange Healthy Eating Workshops

Interactive workshops investigating, for example, how much sugar is in the day to day snacks and drinks we regularly consume.  These are outsourced to the lifestyle behaviour company commissioned by the County Council, Everyone Health, and are free to schools within Cambridgeshire, but excluding Peterborough.  Please contact us for more details.

Step Seven:  Book Your Practical Cooking Lesson

Practical food lessons, no cooking facilities required!   We explore a range of fruit and vegetables using age appropriate food preparation skills to make tasty seasonal salads, using score sheets to rate each food item for its colour, appearance, texture and taste. A SMART Choice cooking day is available for just £200, involving 2 x 90 minute sessions (for a maximum of 16 students per session). Please book directly on Booking Bug.

Step Eight:  Write Your Nutrition Policy

Be prepared for the Ofsted Inspection by devising a Nutrition Policy which clearly demonstrates all the initiatives you’ve undertaken to support your pupils' health and wellbeing.  CCS have a County Council template which to make things simpler.