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Healthy Week at Ramsey Junior and Infant Schools

3 November 2017

The pupils at Ramsey Junior and Ramsey Spinning Infants all took the Veg-Pledge this week to aim for zero waste of fruit and veg at lunchtimes.

Their Healthy Week kicked off with a 'Healthy Me' assembly delivered by our Smart Choice team followed by a series of fun workshops to encourage children to think about the foods they eat each day and how they can be healthier.

Activities involved discussing how much sugar is in foods such as drinks, sweets and cereal; guessing the right sized portions and exploring how much oil is in savoury snacks.  All pupils were given a chart on which to make a 'Healthy Me' pledge which the teachers planned to follow up back in class.

Thank you to both schools for taking part and their positive feedback:

"The carousel of activities were exciting, informative and engaging. Children enjoyed the 'hands on' aspect and were able to discuss their ideas with their peers. The pledge sheets ensured that we could follow this up during the week which was also very effective."



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