School Meal News

Supporting Medical Diets

25 April 2017

This week is Allergy Awareness Week and at CCS we go the extra mile to support the needs of children with medically diagnosed diets.

Our Registered Dietitian, Patricia Herbert, has established a procedure that enables us to cater safely for children with intolerances to one or more foods. 

By tailoring our standard menus, children with food allergies, coeliac disease and other medical conditions requiring the diet to be adapted are able to enjoy the many benefits of having a school meal.

Food allergen management is an important part of the food safety procedure within our kitchens and catering staff receive essential training covering allergy management during the various stages of food production.

Visit our Medical Diets page to learn more about our medical diet procedure which has given parents the confidence to allow their children to have a safe meal every day, together with their friends at school. 



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