Primary School Meals

Great care is taken in the development of our primary school meals.

  • Our aim is to produce colourful and tasty dishes that are popular with children.
  • Meals are prepared using healthier ingredients and cooking methods to help tackle childhood obesity and other nutrition related health problems. 
  • Our SMART Café brand creates pleasant dining areas for children to enjoy their social time and eat good food.

Free School Meals are worth over £400 per child per year.

Free School Meals are available for all Key Stage 1 students (Reception, Year 1 and 2). There’s no need to apply, however, registering will entitle your child’s school to additional Pupil Premium funding.

Even if you are on a lower income and your child is automatically receiving free school meals, the school will not receive Pupil Premium until you make an application online or over the phone.

Some older children are also entitled and it's simple to apply. For Cambridgeshire schools, view the Cambridgeshire County Council website or speak to your school to see if your child is eligible.


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