Medical Diets

We go the extra mile to support the needs of children with medically diagnosed diets.

Our Dietitian will tailor our standard menus for children with conditions, such as:

  • Coeliac disease
  • Food allergies (e.g. milk, egg, soya, celery, mustard)
  • Food intolerances (e.g. lactose, onion, garlic)
  • Other medical conditions requiring the diet to be adapted*

Whenever possible, we do our very best to accommodate diets where more than one food needs to be restricted (e.g. Non-Dairy, Non-Egg, Non-Mustard, No Banana).

*Occasionally the complexity of a child’s nutritional needs may prohibit CCS in providing a
nutritious meal every day and in this case it may be necessary to reduce the number of days
when a meal will be offered. On rare occasions CCS may not be able to accommodate the
nutritional needs of the child.


Nut Allergies

Although we do not use nuts or peanuts in our recipes, we still ask parents of children who are allergic to these foods to complete our medical diet request form. This allows us to inform them that some of our products may contain traces of nuts/peanuts. If there is a need to avoid products with a risk of traces, we will exclude these from the child’s diet. 

Please download our full medical diet procedure (PDF)

Please download our medical diet request form (PDF)


Dietary Advice Helpline

Our in-house Registered Dietitian holds a CCS dietary advice helpline on a Tuesday and a Wednesday between 1.30pm - 3.30pm. If you would like Patricia to contact you, please complete the enquiry form providing your contact details and the subject that you would like to discuss.

Children with Type I Diabetes

Our Registered Dietitian has worked closely with the NHS to come up with a unique menu chart for parents of children with type 1 diabetes.  This enables an accurate carbohydrate count to be determined for their child's chosen meals each day. 

If you wish to receive our type I diabetes menu card, please complete the type 1 diabetes request form.


Feedback from Parents

Our medical diet procedure has given parents the confidence to allow their children to enjoy a school meal that accommodates medical diets. Read the positive feedback received by our Dietitian:

This sounds like a brilliant menu! It will be very helpful for my daughter to know that every dish on the menu is dairy free and to choose freely. Not only does it have a good main option every day, but also many desserts which did usually contain milk so she was not able to have them. This will enable my daughter now to have school meals every day. She wasn't able to do that before and is very excited about it!
Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and attention. My daughter is loving her school dinners and is always excited on a day she gets a muffin or a pudding! We really appreciate your work to set this up. She will be very happy to look at her new menu!
My son is LOVING school meals and all of his class is having them so it is lovely that he can join in. He had his first iced bun last week and was so excited!!
My six year old son has a severe allergy to peanuts and nuts and must also avoid all traces of peanuts and nuts (so can't eat anything that 'may contain' or 'is made in factory handling' or is otherwise at risk of cross-contamination). The CCS catering team has (amazingly!) enabled him to join his friends in eating school meals and I am extremely thankful to the incredible people who work in the office and in the kitchen who have made this possible. By providing me with the information I need (in a friendly, timely and thorough manner), they have made me confident that my son can enjoy both the delicious meals and the important social benefits that go with being able to 'join in and feel normal. Thanks again for everything (what you do really is life-changing!).

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