Kitchen & Catering Equipment Service

Our Kitchen and Catering Equipment Service provides schools with security and peace of mind, ensuring all servicing and other legal obligations are professionally managed.

This is an established and well regarded service that CCS has managed and developed on behalf of our clients.

We provide a high level of support, with our specialist knowledge ensuring that kitchen teams have the tools to do their job, each and every day, enabling lunch to be served safely and on time.

Our knowledgeable team and contractors ensure that all your kitchen equipment is safe to operate and that your school isn’t burdened with this additional responsibility.  The service can also protect schools financially from unexpected costs, if for example, an item of equipment needs replacing or a costly repair

Bursars and Business Managers can be reassured that this ‘insurance’ style arrangement ensures that there are no financial surprises throughout the year, as the service is provided for a fixed annual fee.